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What is Translational Cancer Research?

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Cancer research is one of the most talked about topics and rightly so. Cancer research is making incredible breakthroughs and paving the way for a future where cancer can be cured and prevented. But have you heard of translational cancer research?

Sydney Vital is a translational cancer research centre funded by the Cancer Institute NSW and the University of Sydney. Many people have asked us ‘what is translational research?’

Translational means that we translate laboratory research into patient care. We take cancer research from the laboratory bench and make it accessible for patients, providing them with quick and easy access to the latest medical breakthroughs. It’s that simple.

Doing this, we are working hard to improve not only the outcomes of patients in cancer treatment but also the care that patients receive along the way. We’re helping fund researchers who are finding ways to detect cancer early, to prevent cancer and to cure it.

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