The University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health – Funding Opportunities 2020

Find opportunities and deadlines from NHMRC, ARC and other major funding bodies in the table below.

Scheme Funding Source 1st Internal Deadline Final Internal Deadline Final External Deadline
Ideas Grants NHMRC 13 May 3 June (9am) 10 June
Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Schemes (PdCCRS) – Cancer Australia NHMRC Ideas Grants &
Cancer Australia
15 June (USYD internal deadline) 15 June (Cancer Australia Internal Deadline) 17 June (Cancer Australia Final Deadline)
Cancer Council Project Grants NHMRC Ideas Grants & Cancer Council 22 June

(USYD internal deadline)

22 June (Cancer Council Internal Deadline) 24 June (Cancer Council Final Deadline)
NHMRC-European Union Joint Programme (JPND) Novel imaging and brain stimulation methods and technologies related to Neurodegenerative Diseases 2020

Call for Proposals

Special Research Initiative in Mental Health (SIMH) NHMRC 15 July
GACD Cancer Prevention Funding Call NHMRC & GACD 30 July
Linkage Projects (Round 2) ARC 5 August
2020 Partnership Projects PRC1 NHMRC 29 July 6 August 13 August
Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies (CTCS) NHMRC 4 November 18 November 25 November
Linkage Projects (Round 3) ARC 1 December
2020 Partnership Projects PRC2 NHMRC 18 November 25 November 2 December
Priority-Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Schemes (PdCCRS) – Cancer Australia NHMRC CTCS & Cancer Australia 30 November 2 December
Synergy Grants

2020 round cancelled

Frontier Health and Medical Research initiative

Opportunity postponed – to be re-opened when circumstances regarding COVID-19 improve

Department of Health
NHMRC–EU Collaborative Research Funding 2020

Temporarily postponed – estimated to reopen between July-Dec 2020


COVID-19 Research Funding Opportunities

Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Round 13 – COVID-19 Collaborative Research Projects – Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Applications must be for projects in one of the priority areas, for round 13 these are:
1. Indo-Australian Science & Technology Fund (administered by DST in India)
  • Antiviral coatings, other preventive technologies
  • Data analytics, modelling, Artificial Intelligence applications
  • Screening and diagnostic testing

2. Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund (administered by DBT in India)

  • Development of immunotherapeutics
  • Development of animal model/ in vitro model for vaccine development
  • Assay development and validation for testing of vaccines and therapeutics Viral genomics and bioinformatics

Deadline 2 July 2020. More information on Grant Connect. If you are interested in submitting an EOI for this opportunity, please contact Danielle Somers.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – Coronavirus Research Response – 2020 Communication Strategies and Approaches During Outbreaks
This opportunity provides Australian researchers with funding to drive innovation and contribute to global efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak.

Open date: 01 Jul 2020 10:00 AM AEST.

Close date: 14 Jul 2020 05:00 PM AEST.

More information and how to apply.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – COVID-19 Immunological Studies Grant Opportunity
Applications to this Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Coronavirus Research Response: 2020 COVID-19 Immunological Studies Grant Opportunity must propose research that characterises the immune response across COVID-19 patients with asymptomatic, mild, moderate, severe, and critical disease.

Total Amount Available (AUD): $2,000,000.00

Estimated Grant Value (AUD): Up to $1,000,000.00

Deadline to apply: 5pm (AEST) on 23 July 2020

More information on Grant Connect (ID: GO4080)

Australia ASEAN Council Grants – Special COVID-19 Round

This grant aims to support continuity in people-to-people and institutional engagement between Australia and Southeast Asia during and following the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, when restrictions on travel and social distancing will limit opportunities for face-to-face engagement and inward and outbound visits. This round will target online and other activities or forms of engagement that help bring people together through virtual means and build cross-cultural linkages, but do not require travel and are consistent with government restrictions in response to COVID-19. It will also prioritise applications that directly contribute to the priority needs of Southeast Asian countries during and immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deadline: 3pm AEST on 5 August 2020. More information. Contact: Danielle Somers.

Additional Funding Opportunities

National Domestic and Family Violence Training for Primary Health Care Workforce – Department of Health. Seeks to engage an experienced organisation to develop and deliver training and upskilling to build capacity of general practitioners (GP’s) and other primary health care workers to better support patients experiencing, and at risk of, family and domestic violence. This is a targeted competitive grant opportunity and only the following four training organisations are eligible to apply:

  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
  • The University of Melbourne, Centre of Research Excellence – Safer Families
  • Blue Knot Foundation; and
  • Phoenix Australia.

Deadline 2pm (AEST) on 25 June 2020.

More information on Grant Connect.

Moyira Elizabeth Vine Fund for Research into Schizophrenia

This internal scheme supports research in the area of schizophrenia including projects:

  • contributing to the knowledge and understanding of schizophrenia
  • influencing policy or contribute to health practice
  • improving health and wellbeing outcomes for people in the community affected by schizophrenia
  • enabling researchers to develop a basis for further funding applications.

More Information and application details.

For queries, please contact: [email protected]

Deadline 26 June 2020

Sydney Health Partners Implementation Science Grants
Two grants, each valued up to $25,000 for teams of researchers and clinicians undertaking work in the growing field of Implementation Science, to enable pilot testing of the implementation of an evidence-based intervention, program or innovation, with at least one partner Local Health District or Network.

The grants aim to encourage teams of clinicians and researchers to develop collaborative projects that seek to implement robust evidence into practice.

Deadline Tuesday 30 June 2020, 5pm AEST.

More information, guidelines and how to apply.

Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) Fund
University of Sydney internal funding of up to $80,000 in seed funding can be awarded to help researchers commercialise projects.
Applications open until 22 July 2020. More information.

US Department of Defence
The programs and awards outlined below are part of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. Refer to each individual award and follow the relevant link to the Program Announcement and General Application Instructions. Applications will require significant administrative support and interested parties are requested to submit a request for assistance to the Research Support Team by 26th June 2020.

• Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP)

The PRCRP includes five awards ranging from US $400,000 to US $1,500,000. More information. A Pre-Application (Letter of Intent) is required by 30 July 2020.

• Vision Research Program (VRP)

There are three awards in the VRP, ranging from US $260,000 to US $5,000,000. More information. A Pre-Application (Letter of Intent) is required by 23 July 2020.

• Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Program (DMDRP)

There are two awards in the DMDRP, ranging from US $350,000 to US $1,200,000. More information.
A Pre-Application (Letter of Intent) is required by 12 August 2020.

• Lupus Research Program (LRP)

There are three awards in the LRP, ranging from US $300,000 to US $2,500,000. More information. A Pre-Application (Letter of Intent) is required by 25 August 2020.

For more funding opportunities visit the USYD MHS Research funding page.

NHMRC Partnership Projects – new addendum available on Grant Connect.

For more information please contact [email protected] or visit