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The Latest Developments in Immunotherapy – Basic Science, Transalational and Clinical: Immuno-Oncology Symposium

On Thursday, 29th November, Sydney Vital hosted an Immuno-Oncology Symposium, which aims at bringing up the Latest Developments in Immunotherapy- Basic Science, Translational and Clinical.

We were pleased and honored to have some of our outstanding members in the immunotherapy field and Dr Andreas Behren from Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute to light up the informative night.

A/Prof Alex Menzies from RNSH & MIA  gives a welcome address

Dr Andreas Behren (Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute)’s presentation on Antigen recognition and immunotherapy

Prof Georgina Long (RNSH & MIA) ‘s talk on new treatment options for melanoma

A/Prof Nick Pavlakis (RNSH) brings up current immunotherapy drug updates in lung cancer

A/Prof Viive Howell (Kolling Institute) summarising the night with latest news from Sydney Vital


Recording of the presentations is available here:


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