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Sydney Vital Flagship 3 Leader Receives Cancer Council NSW Funding

Sydney Vital’s Flagship 3 and Translational Centre of Excellence (TCE) 6 leader, Prof Mark Molloy, receives a boost for his ground-breaking bowel cancer research.

Prof Mark Molloy received a 3 year $450,000 grant from Cancer Council NSW.

The funds will go to investigating the key factors that influence the growth of polyps.

A huge congratulations!

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Prof Mark Molloy wants to understand why and how polyps become cancerous to reduce the incidence of bowel cancer in Australia. Professor Molloy and his team will use new and innovative approaches to examine the features of polyps at a molecular level to see what causes them to become cancerous. They hope the results will provide more precise details to determine how advanced a polyp is towards becoming cancerous. This information will then be used to asses an individual’s risk of developing bowel cancer.

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