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Sydney Vital Cancer Research Showcase November 2020 Playlist

On November 30, 2020, Sydney Vital held a Cancer Research Symposium highlighting our researcher’s work in translational cancer research. All 18 speakers can be found in the above playlist. They are:

Roger Reddel, CMRI
Dale Bailey, Director of SV
Amanda Hudson, Flagship 1
Sharon Gordon, Flagship 2
Binh Pham, Flagship 3
Sarah Maloney, TCE 1
Grace Lim, TCE 2
Elizabeth Hutchings, TCE 3
Harry Marquis, TCE 4
Mark Molloy, TCE 6
Madeleine Juhrmann, TCE 7
David Chan, RNSH, former Flagship 2 fellow
Melanie Lovell, HammondCare, Seed Funding
Anna Guller, UNSW, Seed Funding
Angela Chou, RNSH, Seed Funding
Viive Howell, Research Director Bill Walsh Lab
Anna Renfrew, Research Development Manager SV

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