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Sydney Vital Cancer Conference 2016

Cancer Conference panel

The Sydney Vital Centre Conference 2016 (SCVV 2016) saw a panel of medical specialists, patient advocates and patients gather at the Kolling Institute to discuss how cancer research improves outcomes.

Over 165 patients and community members attended the conference and they all had the opportunity to learn more about modern discoveries in medicine as well as discuss how technology has a huge impact on cancer control.

There was a great debate on why normal cells transform to cancer cells and how cancer treatment will change in the next five or ten years. The intriguing debate, which opened up many questions, was led by Keynote speaker Professor Sean Grimmond from the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research. Professor Grimmond leads Australia’s largest genome research effort into cancer genome sequencing. Professor Grimmond leads Australia’s largest genome research effort into Cancer genome sequencing, transcriptome analysis of disease and development of tools genome analysis. Over the last 20 years, his research has focused on uncovering the underlying genetics controlling key biological processes and tissue repair and cancer through pioneering efforts in genomics and transcriptomics.

Other speakers included: Professor Stephen Clarke, Associate Professor Alexander Engel, Mrs Helen Jones (community representative), Professor Dale Bailey, Associate Professor Melanie Lovell, Professor Anthony Gill and Associate Professor Thomas Eade.

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