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Strategic Review Process in preparation for TCRC Grant Application 2021

The review is an opportunity for SV, after seven (7) successful years of operation, to look at how we approach the future. The review process will provide members with many opportunities to share your opinions on where we should focus our energy and funding in years to come.

To undertake a successful review of SV’s vision and strategy, there will be FOUR member engagement phases – outlined below.

PHASE 1, PART 1 – APRIL 2020 [Member Survey]

PHASE 1, PART 2 – MAY 2020 [One on One interview – ZOOM]

Following the completion of the member survey process, one on one interviews will be conducted by SV Executive Committee with up to 7 research group leaders, selected by the SV Executive Committee, representing all SV current Flagships & TCEs. A review update will be sent to all SV members listing these invited research group leaders. We encourage all members to discuss your thoughts/suggestions with these nominated spokespeople prior to their one on one interviews, so that their feedback can be representative of the broader membership. These interviews will seek to provide an understanding of what has been done well, what has been done poorly and what has been an ‘average’ output. There is also an opportunity to dive deeper into themes raised from the member survey and begin planning for the future vision and strategy.

PHASE 2, PART 1 – JUNE 2020 [2x half day workshops with members]

All SV members will be invited to participate in a workshop that is expected to explore and expand upon:

1) The current state of the vision and strategy
2) Visioning for the future, including questions such as:
a) Where are we going?
b) What do we want our ‘value drivers’ to be in the future?
c) How do we maximise internal collaboration in a ‘competitive funding’ environment?
d) What could future collaboration with external TCRCs look like?

PHASE 3, JULY 2020 [3X Half day workshops with a working group]

3 x half day workshops with a working group. A working group of key stakeholders and members from SV (selected by SV Executive Committee) will be invited to participate in workshops with the aim of outlining the future vision of SV Executive Committee. The working group will consist of key decision makers, advocates and leaders from throughout the network who have both the access and capacity to speak on behalf of, and deliver information back to, a broad number of members. A review update will be sent to all SV members listing the nominated working group representatives. We encourage all members to be aware of these representatives and communicate with them prior to the workshops, so that any feedback can be representative of the broader membership. Following the workshops, the working group will be responsible for taking the output from the session back to the SV membership, discussing the vision and proposed strategy, structure and governance, compiling constructive and future-focused feedback on the work done thus far.


At the completion of the review, Seed People Consulting will provide SV with a consolidated feedback report that includes recommendations for actions and change.

The consolidated report will underpin:

  • a revision of the SV Strategic Plan
  • an Operational Action Plan to support the Strategic Plan
  • the 2021 application for the CINSW Translational Cancer Research Centre Grant
  • what SV’s future funding priorities will be.

To access the survey please click here.

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