Deborah was awarded her PhD in 1996 and then completed three years postdoctoral study at the Dane Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School Boston USA. Here she contributed in the discovery and characterisation of PTEN, ‘the most highly mutated tumour suppressor in the post p53 era, with 2 papers on this work published in Nature Genetics that remain pivotal in the field.

Professor Marsh was head of the Functional Genomics Laboratory at The Kolling Institute of Medical Research for over twenty years and has recently, in 2018, taken on a new position at The University of Technology, Sydney.


Research Interests

Professor Marsh has particular interest in the molecular nature of endocrine tumorigenesis. Her research involved in the development of certain cancers aims to identify new markers with value in cancer diagnostics and improved therapeutics, as well as gain insights into the normal function of healthy cells.

“Targeting the “guardian of the genome” for the treatment of ovarian cancer”

Ramsay Research and Teaching Fund 2015

“Investigating the complexity of p53 pathways in ovarian cancer: are non-coding RNAs the key?”

Sydney Vital 2015

“Targeting chemoresistant cancer stem cells for the treatment of ovarian cancer”

Sydney Vital 2015

“INOVATe – Individualised Ovarian Cancer Treatment Through Integration of Genomic Pathology into Multidisciplinary Care”

Cancer Institute NSW 2015

“Informing policy and practice standards (consent and data linkage) for NSW cancer biobanks: An in-depth analysis of community attitudes towards biobanks among NSW residents”

CINSW Biobanking Stakeholder Network 2015

“Streamlining specimen preparation for researchers from samples stored in biobanks”

CINSW 2015

“Live cell imager for enhancement of pre-clinical cancer studies in the Hunter Translational Cancer Research Centre”

CINSW 2015

“Monoubiquitinated histone H2B – marking key pathways in ovarian cancer”

Cancer Council NSW 2013

“H2Bub1 – a new cancer biomarker: Investigating the potential of the epigenomic mark H2Bub1 for prostate cancer diagnostics and prognostics”

Ramsay Health Care 2015

Senior Research Fellowship A, “Molecular mechanisms and functional consequences – understanding endocrine tumorigenesis”

NHMRC 2011

Northern Translational Cancer Research Centre (NTCRC)

CINSW 2014

“Embedding patient tissue banking consent into routine clinical practice: To maximise state-wide consent and enable a patient-led approach to tissue banking”

CINSW Biobanking Stakeholder Network 2014

“Essential clinical annotation for NSW biobanks through data integration using State and Commonwealth datasets”

CINSW Biobanking Stakeholder Network 2014

“Improving biospecimen quality within BSN Biobanks”

CINSW Biobanking Stakeholder Network 2014

“Maximising support for breast cancer research by the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank”

NBCF Infrastructure Grant 2012

Equipment Grants

Qseq Automated Personal DNA Sequencer

University of Sydney 2014

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