associate professor anthony j gill

Professor Gill teaches Surgical Pathology at the University of Sydney, the same institution in which he graduated in medicine in 1997. After graduating, he went on to complete his speciality training in surgical pathology (FRCPA) in 2005.

Currently, Professor Gill is a senior staff specialist in diagnostic pathology at the Royal North Shore Hospital, yet still lends a lot of time to medical research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney.

He is the current chairman of the Australia Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative and in 2018, Professor Anthony Gill was honoured in the Queen’s Birthday list. For his significant service to medical research in the field of surgical pathology as an academic, author, adviser and mentor, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).


Research Interests

Prof Gill is a surgical pathologist, his research focuses on hereditary cancer syndromes, endocrine pathology and gastrointestinal pathology with a special emphasis on pancreaticobiliary pathology.

His research has concentrated on translating advances made in the understanding of cancer at the basic science or molecular level into diagnostic tests which can be applied in the routine surgical pathology laboratory on patient biopsy specimens.

Project Grants

“From mice to men: biomarker-driven classification of pancreatic cancer to define the gemcitabine/nab-paclitaxel responsive molecular subtype”

Cancer Australia Project Grant 2016

The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative: Biospecimen Core Resource

The Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation 2016

“Hereditary endocrine cancer: A model based on phaeochromocytoma-paraganglioma syndromes”

NHMRC Project Grant 2016

“NABNEC: A Randomised Phase II Study Of Nab-paclitaxel In Combination With Carboplatin As First Line Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Carcinomas”

NHMRC Project Grant 2016

The further expansion, maintenance and deployment of a tissue of paraffin block containing cancers to mirror and expand frozen tissue bank assets”

Cancer Institute NSW Research Infrastructure Grant 2015

The Sydney 1000 Cancer Project – Stage 1 Gastrointestinal Cancers Immunophenotyping Study

University of Sydney SPARC implementation program 2015

Therapeutic targeting of cell cycle checkpoint aberrations in pancreatic cancer: personalised medicine in action”

NHMRC Project Grant

NBCF Repository of Patient Matched Primary Breast Tumours and Metastasis

National Breast Cancer Foundation 2014

Northern Translational Cancer Research Centre

Cancer Institute NSW 2014

“From functional genomics to precision medicine: The therapeutic potential of targeting ROCK signalling in pancreatic cancer”

Cancer Australia Project Grant 2013

“Establishing a Patient-Derived First Generation Tumour Xenograft Model: A Promising Tool for Rapid Guidance of Chemotherapeutic Responsiveness in Patients with Colorectal Liver Metastases”

Royal North Shore Staff Specialist Trust Fund 2013

Monoubiquitinated histone H2B – marking key pathways in ovarian cancer

Cancer Australia 2013

MALDI MS Imaging for Cancer Biomarker Discovery in the Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit

Cancer Institute NSW Research Infrastructure Grant 2012

“The creation of a readily accessible and clinically annotated tissue bank of paraffin blocks containing tumour to mirror and expand frozen tissue already collected by the Kolling Tumour Banks”

Cancer Institute NSW Research Infrastructure Grant 2012

“MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer, with associated Biomarker Identification and MALDI-Imaging solutions”

University of Sydney Cancer Research Fund Research Infrastructure Grant 2012

Targeting KCa3.1 in diabetic nephropathy

NHMCR Project Grant 2012

Chief Investigator D Translational Cancer Research Unit for Royal North Shore Hospital

Cancer Institute NSW 2011

Chief Investigator G Genotype Guided Cancer Therapy (Genomic Theranostics)

Cancer Council NSW 2011

“New opportunities for the study of ovarian cancer through characterization of mouse models”

Cancer Council NSW 2011

Trust fund support for research position

Pacific Laboratory Medicine Services 2011

Trust fund support for research position

Pacific Laboratory Medicine Services 2010

Trust fund support for research position

Pacific Laboratory Medicine Services 2009

“Research into Surgical Pathology”

Royal North Shore Hospital Cancer Key Area Grant 2009

“Testing the gonadotropin theory of ovarian surface epithelial carcinoma development in Brca1-deficient mice”

Northern Sydney Local Health District 2008

“Ovarian surface epithelial carcinoma modeling in Brca1-null mice mediated by Sleeping Beauty insertional mutagenesis”

Cure Cancer Australia Foundation 2008

Year Award Institution
1994 The Graham Couplan Prize The University of Sydney
1994 Fagan Memorial Prize for Surgery The University of Sydney
1994 NCS Medicine Prize for Medicine  
1995 The Department of Health Scholarship The Department of Health
1995 Medical Board Prize Australian National University
1995 The Campbell Kordick Memorial Prize The University of Sydney
1996 The Harry J Clayton Memorial Prize The University of Sydney
1996 The Hinder Memorial Prize The University of Sydney
1996 The Royal North Shore Medal Royal North Shore Hospital
2010 Innovative Teaching Award Royal North Shore Hospital
2011 The Benjamin Castleman Award United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
2012 NSW Cancer Institute Wildfire Award Cancer Institute NSW
2013 Most Outstanding Teacher Award Royal North Shore Hospital
2013 NSW Premier’s Award for Excellence in Translational Cancer Research Cancer Institute NSW
2014 The Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Prize for discovery in Medical Research The University of Sydney
2014 Northern Clinical School Students Choice award for best lecturer The University of Sydney
2015 NSW Cancer Institute Wildfire Award Cancer Institute NSW
2017 Ramzi Cotran Young Investigator Award United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
2017 Vincent McGovern Medal Australian division of The International Academy of Pathology
2018 Member of the Order The Order of Australia

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