University of Sydney Opportunities

Scheme Opening Date Closing Date
ARC: Linkage Projects Assessment Round 2
For application assistance please contact: Nicole Richardson
  29 July
NHMRC: Partnership Projects
For application assistance please contact: Grace Cha
  First Internal Deadline: 29 July


Scheme Opening Date Closing Date
SMRI International Visitor Program 25 August

The International Visitor Program of the University of Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI) provides funding to support visits to Australian universities by international researchers in the mathematical sciences. The current application round is for visits of at least 1 month taking place within the period April – December 2021 and including at least 2 weeks spent at SMRI.

Further details

Centre Reviews (MSI, SiFA, KCPC, IMP, CCS)
Are you a member of:- Institute of Medical Physics (IMP), Key Centre for Polymers & Colloids (KCPC), Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SifA), Marine Studies Institute (MSI), Centre for Complex Systems (CCS). These University Centres are currently undertaking a 5 year centre review. If you would like to share your experience with the centre please consider participating in the online survey (please click here). Survey closes COB 31 August.

International Funding Schemes:

INTERNATIONAL FUNDING SCHEMES (DFAT-China, Australia- ASEAN, Australia- Indonesia, European Research Council, IASS, DFAT-Korea)
DFAT National Foundation for Australia-China Relations Grants 2020-2021
The grant opportunity involves two stages: Expression of Interest (EOI) followed by an invitation to shortlisted applicants to submit a full grant activity application. Program details can be found on GrantConnect ID: G04173

• Internal deadline for inquiries and EOI review (optional): 31 Jul 20
• Application assistance: Camille Goldstone-Henry
• Submit your EOI: Smartygrants
• EOI deadline: 08 Aug 20

Scheme Opening Date Closing Date
Australia-ASEAN Council (AAC) COVID-19 Special Grants Round
For application assistance please contact: Xiaohui Fu
05 Aug 20
Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) COVID-19 Special Grants Round
For application assistance please contact: Matthew Louie
05 Aug 20
European Research Council (ECR) Advance Grants (Any field of research)
For application assistance please contact: Kathleen Berezay
19 Aug 20
The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Fellow Programme
For application assistance please contact: Kathleen Berezay
19 Aug 20
DFAT Australia-Korea Foundation 2020 International Relations Grants Program
For application assistance please contact: Matthew Louie
Internal deadline for review: 11 Sep 20
Closing date: 18 Sep 20

External Opportunities

ON Prime (Any discipline)
CSIRO invites for its ON prime programme. This helps research teams to develop a deeper understanding of the people who could benefit the most from their research, to test their ideas and to sharpen their skills to communicate with them.
Further details
• Closing date 10 Aug 20

Wellcome and the Indian Department of Biotechnology, Early Career Fellowships (Veterinary Medicine; Genetics & Systems Biology; Bioengineering; Medicine & Health)
Further details
• Closing date 11 Aug 20

John Templeton Foundation (Small and Larger Research Grants)
Small Grants (Financial Markets; Biological Sciences; Mathematical Sciences; Family Planning & Contraception; Physical Sciences; Cognitive Science)
Large Research Grants in Core Areas (Physical Sciences; Financial Markets; Family Planning & Contraception; Cognitive Science; Mathematical Sciences; Biological Sciences)
• Closing date 14 Aug 20

NSW Premiers Awards
NSW Premier’s Awards celebrates excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community by the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and private businesses. There are 8 award categories, including NSW Public Servant of the Year, Excellence in Digital Innovation and Recovery and Resilience.
Further details
• Nominations close 14 Aug 20

Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowships (Environmental Science; Disadvantaged & Minority Groups; Poverty; Climate Change & Global Warming; Sustainable Development & Resource Use; Ecological Impacts of Climate Change; Sustainable Agriculture; Civil & Human Rights)
Further details
• Closing date 16 Aug 20

Westpac Research Fellowship (Early Career Researchers)
Westpac are looking for not just Australia’s best and brightest early career researchers, but those who also want to leave a legacy. Switched-on, curious thinkers who have the inspiration, drive and ideas to change Australia – and potentially the world – for the better.
• Internal deadline 19 Aug 20
Strategic advice: Jessica Andrews
Further details
• Closing date 25 Aug 20

Superstars of STEM Scholarships (Physical Sciences and Engineering; Biological Sciences; Soil Sciences; Agriculture; Food Science)
Science and Technology Australia invites applications for its superstars of STEM scholarships. These support women scientists in participating in a two-year professional development programme.
Further details
• Closing date 31 Aug 20

Darwin Initiative Main Projects – Round 27 (Marine & Estuarine Ecology; Environmental Management; Environmental Conservation & Biodiversity; Ecology; Poverty in Developing Countries; Ecological Impacts of Climate Change; Sustainable Development & Resource Use)
Further details
• Closing date 01 Sep 20

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience, the 28th Research Grant (for 2021) (Glycomics; Carbohydrates; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biological Physics; Cell & Developmental Biology; Organic Chemistry)
Further details
• Closing date 01 Sep 20

Meyers Medal (Atmospheric Sciences; Oceanography)
Further details
• Closing date 01 Sep 20

Australia-China Science and Research Fund – Joint Research Centres (Food Science; Materials Sciences; Energy Engineering; Computer Science & Informatics; Agriculture; Use & Management of Natural Resources)
Further details
• Closing date 02 Sep 20

Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) – Priority Sectors Round (Bioenergy & Biomass Conversion; Waste Recycling, Reduction & Recovery; Energy Conversion; Marine Engineering; Fertilisers & Agrochemicals; Environmental Technology; Fish Stocks & Ecosystems; Waste Management & Disposal)
The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology approved the following 5 challenges for the Priority Sectors Round: Revolutionising agricultural spray applications; Turning farm crops into a renewable hydrogen source; Turning office trash into energy treasure; Counting fish using advanced technologies; or Automating the detection of whales at sea
• GrantConnect: GO4087
• Closing date 10 Sep 20

Novartis Research Grant (Organic Chemistry; Bio/Medical; Information Science, Biology, Life sciences)
Further details
• Closing date 15 Sep 20

Global Research Alliance Senior Scientist Award (ECR, Air Pollution, Regulation & Control; Livestock & Animal Science; Climate Change & Global Warming)
Further details
• Closing date No deadline

We offer guidance with applications for our members.  Please contact Suzie Nguyen for support at [email protected]

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