Activities within the Pillars may include:

• Identifying potential pilot projects which encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas in a multi-disciplinary, multi-site setting and across tumour streams;
• Enhancing collaborations between clinical and pre-clinical researchers;
• Encouraging knowledge exchange and boosting capacity and commitment to collaborative translational research;
• Improving the communication of research findings & new treatment options to patients and the community;
• Increasing recruitment to clinical trials;
• Engaging with primary care, health professionals, governments, and community organizations.
• Determining how support can be provided for such translational cancer research projects.

Hereditary Cancer Syndromes

Pillar Leader: Prof Anthony Gill, Associates: Mahtab Farzin, Angela Chou, Ashley Crook, John Turchini, Fedaa Najdaw

Fedaa Najdaw

Anatomical Pathology Registrar at Royal North Shore Hospital

John Turchini

Prof Anthony Gill

Surgical Pathologist, Professor of Surgical Pathology, University of Sydney

Ashley Crook

Genetic Counsellor at Royal North Shore Hospital

Angela Chou

Anatomical Pathology training at North Shore Hospital, Concord Hospital and Southern-ILM, obtaining her RCPA Fellowship.

Mahtab Farzin

Pathology registrar at Royal North Shore Hospital and a trainee with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia


Pillar Leaders: Dr Viive Howel, Dr Emily Colvin, and A/Prof Alex Menzies

A/Prof Alexander Menzies

Cancer Instutute NSW Senior Research Fellow - Medicine, Northern Clinical School

Dr Emily Colvin

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kolling Institute, Northern Clinical School

A/Prof Viive Howell

Laboratory Research Director, Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory

Tumour resistance

Pillar Leaders: Prof Debbie Marsh, A/Prof Kellie Charles, and Dr Connie Diakos

Dr Connie Diakos

Conjoint Senior Lecturer, Northern Clinical School; Medical Oncologist, Royal North Shore Hospital.

A/Prof Kellie Charles

Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology, School of Medical Sciences, Bosch Institute

Prof Debbie Marsh

Professor, Sydney Medical School, Kolling Institute

Pain and Supportive Care

Pillar Leads: Prof Paul Glare, Prof Melanie Lovell, Prof Katherine Clark, and A/Prof Joephine Clayton

Katherine Clark

Prof Paul Glare

Sydney Medical School, Chair in Pain Medicine

Prof Melanie Lovell

Clinical Professor Medicine, Northern Clinical School

A/Prof Josephine Clayton

Associate Professor of Palliative Care Medicine, Northern Clinical School