The Application Process

Before samples can be issued from any of these banks to researchers for individual research projects, researchers must first fill out an Application to use samples from the Tumour Bank form and return it to the Kolling Institute Tumour Bank Office. The Tumour Bank will send this application to three reviewers for assessment. The reviewers will assess whether the application comprises a scientifically justifiable, feasible and high priority use of the material currently available. The reviewers generally consist of two scientists and one clinician and are called together on an ad hoc basis with experts in the area of the application under assessment. In many cases, the reviewers may ask the applicant to clarify part of the application or revise a method within the application. A satisfactory response to these questions must be given before approval to use the specimens can be obtained. Once this application has been approved, final approval must be given by the custodian of the bank and the Northern Sydney Local Area Health District Human Research and Ethics Committee. The Tumour Bank will only provide the requested material to the applicant upon the signed and written agreement of the applicant, approval from the tumour bank, and evidence of ethics committee approval.

More information on using Tumour Bank samples for ethically approved research will be made available on request. Please contact the Tumour Bank office here.

Tumour Bank Staff