Title Authors
“The intertwined fates of inflammation and coagulation in glioma” Angela Cho, Kelly J McKelvey, Adrian Lee and Amanda L Hudson.
“Radiation, inflammation and the immune response in cancer” Kelly J McKelvey, Amanda L Hudson, Michael Back, Tom Eade and Connie I Diakos.


Title Authors
“Clinical and imaging-based prognostic factors in radioembolisation of liver metastases from colorectal cancer: a retrospective exploratory analysis.” Kathy P. Willowson, Aimee R. Hayes, David L. H. Chan, Michael Tapner, Elizabeth J. Bernard, Richard Maher, Nick Pavlakis, Stephen J. Clarke and Dale L. Bailey
“A Comparison of 2D and 3D Kidney Absorbed Dose Measures in Patients Receiving 177Lu-DOTATATE”  Kathy P Willowson1, HyunJu Ryu, Price Jackson, Anita Singh, Enid Eslick and Dale L Bailey.


Title Authors
“Nanoparticle radio-enhancement: principles, progress and application to cancer treatment” Zdenka Kuncic and Sandrine Lacombe.
“Dose enhancement effects to the nucleus and mitochondria from gold nanoparticles in the cytosol” A L McNamara, W W Y Kam, N Scales, S J McMahon, J W Bennett, H L Byrne, J Schuemann, H Paganetti, R Banatiand Z Kunci.
“Cancer nanomedicine: challenges and opportunities” Zdenka Kuncic.


Title Authors
  1. “Low-level Laser Treatment Is Ineffective for Capsular Contracture: Results of the LaTCon Randomized Controlled Trial”
Farhad Azimi, Kathy Flitcroft, Erin Mathieu, Rebecca Karantonis, Kylie Snook, Andrew J Spillane.

The following are selected publications that are written by one or more category 1 and 2 members of Sydney Vital.


2021 First Quarter
Title Authors
Delays to Low-risk Thyroid Cancer Treatment during COVID-19 – Refocusing from What Has Been Lost to What May Be Learned and Gained Nickel, B., Glover, A., Miller, J.A.
Sleep disturbance in people with brain tumours and caregivers: a survey of healthcare professionals’ views and current practice Jeon, M.S., Dhillon, H.M., Koh, E.-S., Nowak, A.K., Hovey, E., Agar, M.R.
Safety and Efficacy of Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Octogenarians Huang, Y., Damodaran Prabha, R., Chua, T.C., Arena, J., Kotecha, K., Mittal, A., Gill, A.J., Samra, J.S.
Data independent acquisition of plasma biomarkers of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma O’Rourke, M.B., Sahni, S., Samra, J., Mittal, A., Molloy, M.P.
Diagnostic Computed Tomography Enabled Planning for Palliative Radiation Therapy: Removing the Need for a Planning Computed Tomography Scan Wong, S., Roderick, S., Kejda, A., Atyeo, J., Grimberg, K., Porter, B., Booth, J., Hruby, G., Eade, T.
Molecular Features of Lymph Node Metastasis in T1/2 Colorectal Cancer from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Archival Specimens Steffen, P., Li, J., Chandra, J., Ahadi, M.S., Gill, A.J., Engel, A.F., Molloy, M.P.
Weekly Paclitaxel-Induced Neurotoxicity in Breast Cancer: Outcomes and Dose Response Timmins, H.C., Li, T., Trinh, T., Kiernan, M.C., Harrison, M., Boyle, F., Friedlander, M., Goldstein, D., Park, S.B.
Breast-iRRISC: a novel model for predicting the individualised lifetime risk of radiation-induced breast cancer from a single screening event Hooshmand, S., Reed, W.M., Suleiman, M.E., Brennan, P.C.
Assessment of an evidence-based laryngeal cancer fact sheet: A mixed methods study Jabbour, J., Shepherd, H.L., Beddow, T., Sundaresan, P., Milross, C., Palme, C.E., Clark, J.R., Dhillon, H.M.
Intra-fraction displacement of the prostate bed during post-prostatectomy radiotherapy Bell, L.J., Eade, T., Hruby, G., Bromley, R., Kneebone, A.
Ubiquitin chromatin remodelling after DNA damage is associated with the expression of key cancer genes and pathways Cole, A.J., Dickson, K.-A., Liddle, C., Stirzaker, C., Shah, J.S., Clifton-Bligh, R., Marsh, D.J.
Radiation oncology during COVID-19: Strategies to avoid compromised care Horsley, P.J., Back, M., Lamoury, G., Porter, B., Booth, J., Eade, T.N.
Role of ABCB1 in mediating chemoresistance of triple-negative breast cancers Abd El-Aziz, Y.S., Spillane, A.J., Jansson, P.J., Sahni, S.
Pros and cons of hemi-thyroidectomy for low-risk differentiated thyroid cancer Papachristos, A.J., Glover, A., Sywak, M.S., Sidhu, S.B.
Why did they change that? Practical implications of the evolving classification of neuroendocrine tumours of the gastrointestinal tract Gill, A.J.
Poor mobilization of autologous CD34+ peripheral blood stem cells in haematology patients undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation is associated with the presence of variants in genes implicated in clonal haematopoiesis of indeterminant potential Gifford, G., Hesson, L., Wong, J.W.H., Carroll, A., Gabrielli, S., Bai, L., Xia, W., Stevenson, W., Greenwood, M.
RetroSPECT: Gallium-67 as a long-lived imaging agent for theranostics Bailey, D.L., Sabanathan, D., Aslani, A., Campbell, D.H., Walsh, B.J., Lengkeek, N.A.
Are in vitro human blood–brain–tumor‐barriers suitable replacements for in vivo models of brain permeability for novel therapeutics? Prashanth, A., Donaghy, H., Stoner, S.P., Hudson, A.L., Wheeler, H.R., Diakos, C.I., Howell, V.M., Grau, G.E., McKelvey, K.J.
Microdroplet enabled cultivation of single yeast cells correlates with bulk growth and reveals subpopulation phenomena Liu, H., Xu, X., Peng, K., Zhang, Y., Jiang, L., Williams, T.C., Paulsen, I.T., Piper, J.A., Li, M.
Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in routine care palliative radiotherapy Schuler, T., Hruby, G., Eade, T.
Multikinase inhibitors in thyroid cancer: timing of targeted therapy Gild, M.L., Tsang, V.H.M., Clifton-Bligh, R.J., Robinson, B.G.
Gallbladder carcinoma outcomes in an Australian tertiary referral hospital Wietsma, M.F.T., Molloy, C., Bhimani, N., de Savornin Lohman, E.A.J., Gill, A.J., Andrici, J., Samra, J., de Reuver, P.R., Hugh, T.J.
Parent engagement in perinatal mortality reviews: an online survey of clinicians from six high-income countries Boyle, F.M., Horey, D., Siassakos, D., Burden, C., Bakhbakhi, D., Silver, R.M., Flenady, V.
Does talking about end of life with adults with intellectual disability cause emotional discomfort or psychological harm? Stancliffe, R.J., Wiese, M.Y., Read, S., Jeltes, G., Barton, R., Clayton, J.M.
Telereporting in Breast Imaging Involving More Than 1 Country Requires Careful Consideration Soh, B.P., Lee, W.B., Sim, L., Wong, J., Hillis, S., Tapia, K.A., Brennan, P.
Quantitative proteomic profiling of small molecule treated mesenchymal stem cells using chemical probes Santos, J., Dolai, S., O’rourke, M.B., Liu, F., Padula, M.P., Molloy, M.P., Milthorpe, B.K.
Reply to Comment on “Osteoporosis in the Age of COVID-19” Girgis, C.M., Clifton-Bligh, R.J.
Theranostic SPECT reconstruction for improved resolution: application to radionuclide therapy dosimetry Marquis, H., Deidda, D., Gillman, A., Willowson, K.P., Gholami, Y., Hioki, T., Eslick, E., Thielemans, K., Bailey, D.L.
Impact of Hours Awake and Hours Slept at Night on Radiologists’ Mammogram Interpretations Alshabibi, A.S., Suleiman, M.E., Tapia, K.A., Heard, R., Brennan, P.C.
The 2019 World Health Organization Classification of appendiceal, colorectal and anal canal tumours: an update and critical assessment Ahadi, M., Sokolova, A., Brown, I., Chou, A., Gill, A.J.
Immunotherapy-related acute kidney injury: Kidney biopsy or not? Chatterton, S., Williams, S., Nahar, K., Menzies, A.M., Wong, M.G.
Overlooked potential of positrons in cancer therapy Hioki, T., Gholami, Y.H., McKelvey, K.J., Aslani, A., Marquis, H., Eslick, E.M., Willowson, K.P., Howell, V.M., Bailey, D.L.
Adapting to the motion of multiple independent targets using multileaf collimator tracking for locally advanced prostate cancer: Proof of principle simulation study Hewson, E.A., Ge, Y., O’Brien, R., Roderick, S., Bell, L., Poulsen, P.R., Eade, T., Booth, J.T., Keall, P.J., Nguyen, D.T.
Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm in a transplant pancreas: a rare occurrence Allan, L., Yao, J., Nahm, C., Amaratunga, R., Pleass, H.C.
PD-L1 Is Preferentially Expressed in PIT-1 Positive Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumours Turchini, J., Sioson, L., Clarkson, A., Sheen, A., Gill, A.J.
Personalizing conservative lymphedema management using indocyanine green-guided manual lymphatic drainage Koelmeyer, L.A., Thompson, B.M., Mackie, H., Blackwell, R., Heydon-White, A., Moloney, E., Gaitatzis, K., Boyages, J., Suami, H.