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NHMRC Investigator Grant Success For Sydney Vital Researcher

Sydney Vital is delighted to announce that its “Translational Theranostics” Flagship Clinical Fellow for 2019, Dr David Chan MBBS FRACP, has been awarded a highly competitive and prestigious NHMRC Investigator grant. This will allow him to continue to focus on his innovative research into understanding the behaviour of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs), such as why some NETs behave aggressively and others do not..

Sydney Vital’s Flagship 2 programme, funded by CINSW, focuses on bringing new theranostic pairs into clinical use by facilitating rapid translation from the design and pre-clinical testing phase into clinical trials & patient use. A “theranostic” is a tracer molecule used in Nuclear Medicine that can be employed for both diagnostic imaging and molecular therapy.

One aim of the Sydney Vital programme of CINSW is to help develop the next generation of clinician-researchers. Dr Chan has a longstanding relationship as a member of Sydney Vital since 2014. He recently completed his advanced medical training as a specialist in Medical Oncology and was elected as the inaugural Chair of the Neuroendocrine Tumour group of COSA (Clinical Oncology Society of Australia) in May 2019. His NHMRC Investigator Grant of $640k will allow him to continue his research over the next 5 years on functional imaging with multiple radiotracers in PET to characterise tumour biology and evolution (see below).

Sydney Vital would like to congratulate Dr Chan on his outstanding achievements to date and we look forward to seeing more translational cancer research outcomes from his project under the Flagship 2 program of Sydney Vital.

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