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Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) for GPs

On Wednesday, 12th June, Sydney Vital co-hosted  Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) for GPs – an educational seminar- with Unicorn Foundation, Sydney North Health Network, and IPSEN.

This seminar aimed at educating general practitioners in the local health community about information and the diagnosis of NETs and how to manage NETs in practice and it successfully attracted a considerable amount of GPs and other allied health professionals to attend.

During the workshop, our speakers – Prof Alexander Engel, Dr David Chan, A/Prof Nick Pavlakis, and Ms Meredith Cummins engaged attendees with topics from the diagnosis and pathology of NETs to case presentations and the journey that NET patients undertake and delivered a holistic and comprehensive lecture on NETs.

Sydney Vital has one flagship and one Translational Centre of Excellence (TCE) that dedicate to the research and translation in NETs.  In the past years, we had also hosted a few sessions of ‘NETs Q&A Forum‘. We brought a panel of NETs specialists, patient advocates and patients together to raise awareness of this rare cancer. NETs for GPs was our first NETs event specifically targeting the local GP community. With the success of NETs for GPs, we believe we would see more similar educational events and better patient outcomes in NETs in the near future.

Prof Engel giving the welcome address

Dr Chan – “What is a NET and how do I recognise one?”

A/Prof Pavlakis – “NETs: A Management Challenge MDT discussion & Case Presentations”


Ms Meredith Cummins talking the patient journey ‘living with NETs’

Panel Discussion in the end

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