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Ms Angela Cho Awarded Sydney Vital Travel Award

International and National Travel Awards

With the travel grant awarded to Phd Student Ms Angela Cho, she was able to attend a large international conference with the sole focus on Neuro-oncology which is aligned with the focus of her PhD.

The 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting and Education day of the society for Neuro Oncology focused on the ‘Cancer Moonshots’ program, an initiative instigated by the National Cancer Institute, USA and with $1.8 billion committed funding.

With a diverse program encompassing a wide range of both clinical and research topics, the meeting saw clinicians, basic scientists, nurses and other health care professionals with an interest in neuro-oncology come together to discuss the latest advances in brain tumour research.

Highlights of the meeting included keynote speaker Elizabeth Maher discussing the potential utility of 2-HG imaging in distinguishing pseudoprogression from actual clinical progression, by complementing traditional imaging.

We’d like to congratulate Ms Cho and encourage her to continue her outstanding research. Keep up-to-date with our scholarships, funding and awards and check out our grant schemes.











Ms Angela Cho

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