We invite you to join and become a member of Sydney Vital. Membership is open to clinicians and researchers whose primary interest is in cancer treatment, research or education. Although most members are aligned to partner institutions or research sites, all membership applications will be considered.  


  • Eligibility to apply as lead investigator on Cancer Institute NSW funding schemes including research equipment, research infrastructure, research leader, future research leader and translational program grants
  • Members may apply for funding through our fellowship, research scholar award schemes and research travel grants
  • Invites to attend Sydney Vital events, including training, educational seminars and workshops
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities across our membership network
  • Access to core Research Facilities for translational cancer research

For members of Sydney Vital, the above benefits extend to students and researchers directly supervised by you, who should also be registered.


  • Actively engage in Sydney Vital’s research goals and objectives
  • Support Cancer Institute NSW research goals and objectives
  • Update your Sydney Vital member profile regularly (member will have their designated member’s login)
  • Share information and collaborate with other members in our network
  • Contribute to and participate in member events and activities, both face-to-face and virtually
  • Become involved in specific Sydney Vital led and/or supported research projects or flagship programs
  • Contribute to Sydney Vital’s monitoring and reporting program
  • Provide information (metrics/measurement) when required
  • Cite Sydney Vital when research and presentations was funded by Sydney Vital

Sydney Vital requires acknowledgement of any benefits obtained through the unit by members (such as funding, assistance with research efforts etc.). We encourage members to share data and collaborate with other Sydney Vital members and participate in scientific meetings, committees and education sessions organised by Sydney Vital.


To apply for membership, click this link and enter your details into the membership form.

We will review your applications and you will notified of the outcome shortly afterwards. Membership is free and renewal of membership requires demonstration in writing of active engagement.

Annually, our management committee will review our members’ activities and contribution for renewal purposes.