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Meet our Scholarship Awardees 2020

At Sydney Vital, we run annual top-up scholarship awards for researchers who propose innovative and outstanding research projects. Our scholarship candidates look to improve examinations for early diagnoses, treatments and quality of life. 

Congratulations to the following members who were recently awarded a Sydney Vital Research Scholar Award.


Mr Wei Zhang

Mr Wei Zhang was awarded $10,000 for their project titled, “Glycan profiling of cancer derived small extracellular vesicles for cancer diagnostics using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) nanotags.” Mr Zhang is supervised by Dr Yuling Wang at Macquarie University and anticipates the completion of their research by July 2021.


Mr Marco Mueller

Mr Marco Mueller was awarded a scholarship for $10,000 for their project “Markless Cancer Targeting during lung cancer radiotherapy with a conventional cancer radiotherapy system.” Mr Mueller is supervised by Prof Paul Keall at the University of Sydney and aims to complete their project by September 2021.


Ms Dorsa Morshedi Rad

Ms Dorsa Morshedi is was awarded $10,000 for a project titled “Micro-engineered macrophages to eradicate cancer stem cells through targeting their microenvironment in breast cancer.” This project will be conducted under the supervision of A/Prof Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani at the University of Technology Sydney with an anticipated completion date of 2022.


Dr Sarah Maloney

Dr Sarah Maloney was awarded $10,034 for their project titled “Assessment of biomarker panel as a predictor for optimal upfront treatment in patients with upfront resectable pancreatic cancer.” Dr Maloney is a representative of the University of Sydney Kolling Institute and is working under the supervision of A/Prof Viive Howell.  Dr Maloney aims to complete their project by December 2022.


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