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Grace Lim Awarded Sydney Vital Travel Award

Ms Grace Lim, the PhD student under our Thyroid Cancer TCE (Translational Centre of Excellence), was awarded a Sydney Vital Travel Grant to attend and present her research study at this year’s annual meeting of the American Thyroid Association.

Founded in 1923, the American Thyroid Association (ATA) is the leading worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement, understanding, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer. ATA is an international membership medical society with over 1,700 members from 70 countries around the world. The 88th annual meeting of ATA was held in Washington, DC from October 3 -7  this year, which saw over 1,600 attendees.

Gracce presented her study on Aurora Kinase regulation of telomerase in thyroid cancer and her poster brought upon many interests and discussions, providing her with insights to further expand on the hypothesis.

Other highlights of the meeting included the status on thyroid patient sample screening through ThyroSeq – an advanced diagnostic next-generation sequencing-based test that uniquely evaluates cells collected by fine needle aspiration biopsy from a thyroid nodule.

Grace comments that by attending the ATA annual meeting, she was able to expand upon ideas for her research with input from the experts of the field and to network with international researchers. Furthermore, she learned more about patient management and the current clinical trials, which enhanced her understanding of the importance of translating cancer research into improvement of patient outcomes.

Sydney Vital would like to congratulate Lim on presenting at the ATA annual meeting and encourage her to continue her outstanding research.

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