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First Community Event A Huge Success

The ImPACCT of Clinical Trials at Probus Club Crows Nest

Our first Vital Talk event on our bid to circulate our clinicians and scientists research findings was a huge success.

Over 20 Probus Club Crows Nest members attended to listen to Dr Vanessa Yenson and Dr Rayan Saleh Moussa on their talk ‘The ImPACCT of Clinical Trials’.

The session provided the opportunity for the community to hear about clinical trials (introduction, discussion of types, phases, importance, role of investigators, role of consumers) and the clinical trials that have been conducted through ImPACCT for palliative care and cancer symptom trials. Dr Rayan Saleh Moussa also spoke on the repurposing of drugs and how it can save time, money and increase safety for patients.

“The talk was very informative and it was great to learn about clinical trials and how drugs can be used to treat many illnesses. Thank you to Sydney Vital and the Drs.” – Probus Club Crows Nest member

Click here for more info on The ImPACCT team.

Our next community event will be at North Sydney Sunrise Club. Click here to find out more.

Please contact us if you would like to promote your research at one of our upcoming events in our local community.

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