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Farewell from Sydney Vital Director Dale Bailey

As many of you know, Sydney Vital will be shutting its doors for good today, June 30. I want to take this moment to invite you to look back at the past seven years in celebration of our achievements and gratitude for our members and thank you for partnering with us on the journey.

We are enormously proud of what our researchers have achieved throughout the existence of Sydney Vital. With over 130 awardees, the accomplishments are too plentiful to name.

Sydney Vital has supported you in publishing hundreds of papers and assisted with dozens of collaborations, engaged with industry, hosted educational events, organised patients and carers functions, helped with infrastructure grants and contributed to improvements in patient care. We have witnessed truly translational and transformative developments. I invite you to reflect on many of the achievements in our Sydney Vital Highlights e-book available here which documents the activities of many of our members and awardees, what our Flagships and Translational Centres of Excellence (TCEs) have achieved and where our fellows have taken their careers since their time with Sydney Vital.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support. With over 500 members actively participating, providing feedback and engaging with us we could not have asked for a better community. The entire team is grateful to have worked with such a dedicated community of clinicians, researchers and supporters. We invite all of you to share with us how Sydney Vital has mattered to you on our Facebook Page as well as on Twitter, using #FarewellSydneyVital.

I want to acknowledge my predecessors as centre directors, Prof Stephen Clarke and Prof Alexander Engel for their leadership and guidance in establishing the centre on such a strong platform. I also want to thank the members of the Executive who provided the overall guidance and governance that we needed. We acknowledge also our major funding source, Cancer Institute NSW and the financial support of our major academic partner, the University of Sydney. I also want to thank the Northern Sydney Local Health District, its Executive and its staff for making us feel so welcome and accommodating us in their facilities over the past seven years.

Lastly, a big thank you from me to the professional staff of Sydney Vital without whom none of these activities would have happened. Suzie Nguyen has been with Sydney Vital from its inception as a translational research centre and has managed to navigate the intricate pathways of CINSW and the university for funding, scholarships, grant administration and much more. Thanks also to Dr Anna Renfrew and Natalie Buehler for their wonderful contributions towards supporting research and activities in the past few years.

I thank you for joining us on this journey and wish you the very best of luck in your current and future endeavours.

Best wishes,
Prof Dale Bailey
Director – Sydney Vital

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