At Sydney Vital, we believe communities can have an impact on, and help to guide our research. Our clinicians and scientists conduct research studies to find better ways to prevent and treat cancer. An important role for Sydney Vital is to disseminate these research findings to the wider community. This is why we have created a cancer research promotion event called ‘Vital Talk’, which aims to present the latest cancer treatments, prevention and research to the local community.

On our bid to circulate our clinicians and scientists research findings we have collaborated with North Sydney Sunrise Rotary Club.

The session provides the opportunity to hear Dr Camelia Quek explain her leading-edge work and its significance in treating Melanoma and other cancers.

A live-streaming webcast will be available via (Meeting ID: 998-007-477)

*You must RSVP to the live stream

Date: Tuesday 7th April

Time: 7:30am-8:30pm

Location: Piato Restaurant 123 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point


Dr Camelia Quek

Dr Camelia Quek is Postdoctoral Scientist at the Central Clinical School, Melanoma Institute Australia. Her research goal is to reshape the molecular determinants of treatment response, resistance, toxicity and survival in order to improve outcomes in patients. Her current work involved Phase I, II and III clinical trials in advanced metastatic melanoma, particularly focus on identifying molecular biomarker that correlates with response and resistance to cancer immunotherapy.