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Dr Yaser Gholami Awarded a Research Fellowship under Sydney Vital Flagship 3 Program

Sydney Vital is pleased to announce that Dr Yaser Gholami has been awarded a research fellowship under our Flagship 3 program: Nanotechnology and Dr Gholami will be working with and mentored by the current Flagship 3 leader, Prof Alexander Engel.

Sydney Vital’s Flagship 3 program aims at embedding/defining nanotechnology in the medical oncology field. Dr Gholami’s research project – “A Theranostic Immuno-Radio-Nano platform (TIRN) for multimodal imaging and targeted treatment of lymph node metastasis” – is going to study the novel radio-nanomedicine. Radio-nanomedicine is a different approach from the conventional nanomedicine approaches which rely on chemotherapeutics drugs to identify and treat lymph node metastases. Using the TIRN platform, his project will offer a uniquely suited approach to detecting and eradicating lymph node metastasis and could represent a paradigm shift for 21st-century cancer medicine.

Dr Yaser Gholami completed his Bachelor degree in Physics at the University of New South Wales. He obtained his Master and PhD degrees in Medical/Nuclear Physics at the University of Sydney. He was a Nuclear  Physicist at Royal North Shore Hospital and was also a Post-doc researcher at School of Physics, the University of Sydney.

Dr Gholami has been an active member of Sydney Vital. He received a Sydney Vital Scholarship Award in 2015 and a Sydney Vital Travel Award in 2018. His outstanding academic performance has also won him an IEEE Scholar Award, a Radiation Research Scholar Award in 2018 and a Beryl & Jack Jacobs Travel Award that offered a short-term visiting scholar position at Harvard University/MGH this year.

Sydney Vital would like to congratulate Dr Gholami on the appointment and we look forward to seeing more translational cancer research outcomes from his project under our flagship program.

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