The Kolling Foundation is proud to be the registered charity for the Northern Sydney Local Health District.The Kolling Foundation partners with Sydney Vital – Translational Cancer Research to fundraise to further crucial cancer research focused on early detection, increasing therapy options, personalising treatment plans and improving patient outcomes.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers.

How to donate


Donate Online: Please click here select ‘Sydney Vital’ and include the name of the loved one the gift is in honour of.

By phone: Please call the Kolling Foudation on +612 9436 0162 and specify that you would like to donate to ‘Sydney Vital’

By Post (Credit Card, Chque or Money Order): Please download the Giving Form from, complete and post to:
PO Box 4191, RNS Hospital,
St Leonards NSW 2065

Donations in Memory

Giving a gift in memory can be a powerful way to honour a loved one in a lasting way and celebrate their life by contributing to a cause that they were passionate about.

There are many ways to commemorate your loved one:
– Donations in lieu of flowers
– Donations in-memory
– Organising an ‘in memory’ event

We work hard to find better diagnosis procedures and treatment options for a wide range of cancers with the hopes of improving patient outcomes for millions of Australians. We are grateful for your support and honoured that you are considering remembering your loved one in this way.

Please email us your wish.

Leaving a Gift in Will

We understand that making the decisions to leave a bequest is deeply personal choice and therefore appreciate you considering your gift being directed to Sydney Vital Translational Cancer Research. Choosing to leave a legacy in your will is a truly selfless act that will continue to serve the community and generations to
come by supporting the important medical research that we conduct.

We want to ensure that the legacy you leave is used effectively and aligns with your passion. For this reason, if you are interested in leaving a gift in your will to Sydney Vital Translational Cancer Research, please contact for a confidential conversation via email – [email protected] or phone +612 9436 0162.

Workplace giving – giving staff a tax break and help them make a difference with a pre-tax charitable donation scheme.