Sydney Vital is a Translational Cancer Research Centre based at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Our aim is to take research from the laboratory bench and put this into practice. By doing so, we are able to provide patients with access to the latest medical discoveries and improve both their care and outcomes.

We are funded by the Cancer Institute NSW and the University of Sydney and our research partners include The University of Sydney, Macquarie University & Medical School, The Kolling Institute, The University of Technology Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital, Mater Hospital, and North Shore Private Hospital.


We bring together over 500 cancer researchers who share Sydney Vital’s goal to ensure that the latest advances in cancer prevention, treatments and care are available to patients in the shortest time possible.

We also coordinate and build research facilities that facilitate the translating of cancer research from the laboratories into routine patient care and improve treatment guidelines.

Raising awareness of cancer research and gaining the community’s support is a vital component in a holistic community approach to cancer management. This is especially true when there were 126,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in Australia in 2015 and the number is predicted to rise to 150,000 by 2020 (Cancer Australia 2016).

We raise awareness of cancer research and research findings to our local community via email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and we regularly update our website with the latest news and events.  We run regular  ‘cancer events’  to disseminate cancer research findings and to engage with the local community.

Based on ongoing discussions, reviewer’s comments and advice and a clearer understanding of local expertise and strengths, Sydney Vital’s strategic plan has evolved over the past years to now focus on broad and overarching research themes spanning multiple tumour streams. Three flagship themes have emerged and now include Inflammation, Theranostics and Nano-oncology. Previously, Flagship 3 was focused on implementation in breast cancer and has now become a translational center of excellence (TCE) in Breast Cancer Implementation. Opportunities for implementation research will now be incorporated within each Flagship program. To further capitalise on local clinical and research strengths we have formed seven TCEs in predominantly rare tumours.

View our Research Strategy 2019-21 here.